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1 Most Haunted Castles
640 7
Here you find the most haunted castles in Scotland, Ireland and Wales including their ghost stories and the paranormal activities which occur there.
2 Haunted Places In America
633 10
We have the latest in haunted locations throughout the USA and some very spooky stories to tell.
3 Haunted Places in India
622 8
All the Haunted Places in India including spooks in New Delhi to scary homes in Mumbai and ghosts in abandoned cities we have it all. Visit us, you won't be disappointed.
4 Haunted Places in England
621 7
In Haunted places in England you can find scary castles, spooky houses and much more that will give you a shiver, including the most haunted house in UK.
5 Leyenda de la Llorona
616 7
Encuentra aquí la leyenda de la llorona. Una historia espeluznante para que compartas con todos tus amigos en los momentos de más terroríficos.