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1 Burbank Paranormal Research
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Burbank Paranormal Research is a group of paranormal investigators based in Burbank, California. Our coverage area focuses mostly on the state of California.
2 The truth is out there
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Welcome to the world of paranormal. The truth is out there
3 Michigan and Ohio Paranormal Investigations
0 0
Paranormal Investigation/Research team In Michigan, helping Michigan and Ohio with their paranormal hauntings and ghosts happenings, in their home or business.
4 ctpasts
0 0
CT P.A.S.T.S.(The Connecticut Paranormal and Supernatural Tracking Society) is a
professional group of paranormal investigators with the goal of investigating any claims of
ghostly activity or hauntin
5 Southeast Florida Paranormal Hunting Supplies
0 0
Paranormal Supplies and Equipment,Paranormal Articles,News Stories,